Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Nationalism and Internationalism


The children of today are different in the sense that they are,-future-oriented; they tend to be more and more comprehensive, global and universal. They attach a great value to the virtues of friendship and commitment to the relations that are rooted in impartiality, team spirit and freedom from rigidities of conventions, dogmas and all the conflicts of ideologies that prevent free inquiry leading up to discoveries and inventions that will sub-serve the ideals of mutuality and harmony. Correspondingly the teachers of today and tomorrow have to be different; their roles have to be more stringent and multisided, devoted to the development of integral personality, wide vision of the future of nationalism and internationalism. Teachers of today and tomorrow need to have new programmes of training, which will take care of new roles of the teachers and new trends of the synthesis of East and the West, and as agents of change from old to the new.

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