Lincoln Idealist and Pragmatist


In Lincoln, we see a man of ideals, aspiring for unity and liberty of the family of man, as he called it. His life illustrates the tapasya he undertook, – a tapasya that defined his purpose and empowered him not only with the skills necessary in the outer instruments but also with an inner strength for the fulfillment of those ideals. Like a well-conducted orchestra it took him progressively to the top, just at the time when the nation stood on the brink of a schism. Attacked by those who wanted to tear the nation apart and accused by the rest for inefficiency, he stood heroically in the face of the storm, following the voice of his soul as the civil war plundered the country. He embodied not only the spirit of heroism but also of harmony; he was a receptacle of an active inner power that could rein in and utilize the strengths and wisdom of his rivaling cabinet ministers and influence them to work in harmony despite their differences. Finally, his dependence on the Divine Will has his soccour that comforted him when all else was raging around him and which led him through successfully to overpower the menace of division and oppression.

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